May 8, 2007

Jodi is right — it’s crazy busy over here.

CJ hits the nail on the head today.  (as usual!!) Tuesdays are insane around here, and this afternoon I was completely distracted by my dirty kitchen floors. As if I have time to clean them…but I’m strangely compelled to.

On the pro side of not telling everyone you’re giving up sugar: there’s no one to tsk-tsk you when you fall off the wagon. On the con side: people bring you donuts. And they’re so excited to surprise you that you must eat them. Immediately.

I really was going to vote this week, but as usual, AI ended at 8, I deposited the sweet snoring 3yo in her bed, did highs and lows and prayers with her sister, got her to bed, scratched her back, found her a book to read, and forgot all about voting. Sorry, Jordin, hope I didn’t fail you.

If I had to guess, I’d say LaKisha is going home.

I’m beginning to fear for my beautiful would-be garden. My seedlings are gorgeous. Every time I move a few outside, they die, almost instantly. Sad.

If I were wealthy, I would wish for a way to justify drinking a grande caramel macchiato every morning. But I don’t think I could do it — spend over a grand on coffee per year when people are starving. They sure are tasty though.

I learned today that when we were growing up, it wasn’t me who obsessed and challenged my mom in that gifted-sorta-way. I was the laid back one. It was, ahem, someone else who was what my mom described as, “near an ulcer.” Who knew?



  1. Yes, I the older sister am to blame. I was told I had 1/4 of an ulcer – that’d be in 1976 – at the ripe old age of 8! I’m the middle child – but had some very first-born qualities. Let’s make this happen, plan this party, have people over, follow the rules etc. Sorry mom.

  2. Good call on LaKisha!

    I’m sorry about your flowers! I hope you figure out the problem and can fix it!

  3. well, the cukes have been outside for two days now and they’re still alive….

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