Let’s Talk Teeth

May 8, 2007

Hi there!  Julie must be really bizzy so I better pick up the slack here.  Before we get to teeth, let’s talk AI for a moment.  IMHO, Blake rocked the house last week.  I’m seeing he and Jordin in the finals.  I’d be happy with either winning.

Oh and before we get to teeth, let’s talk HEROS for a minute.  Could there be a better show?  Aside from the occasional GORE, it’s so intriguing – I just love it.

Okay – so teeth.  This teeth whitening trend is waaaay out of control.  I saw this impressionist on Letterman last week – GLOWING teeth.  Remember that Friends episode where Ross had glowing teeth?  Didn’t people get the hint that this is NOT attractive?   Even baby teeth coming in, pristine, new teeth – are not that white.   So. . . here’s my rule.  If your teeth are whiter than the whites of your eyes – STEP AWAY FROM THE CREST WHITESTRIPS.


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