May 4, 2007

I had a kidless day today – and ran some errands (I just freudianly typed errant). One of my stops was at Michael’s to check out their bead selection. Well – on April 29th, Michael’s unleashed their new line of Martha Stewart craft supplies. Everything from wrapping papers, to twines, to glitter, to glues, etc. It is all amazing. The cutest thing was this bandana paper – there’s a whole bandana themed party – ugh – ohsocute. Look out Julie – there’s a miniature Tiny Party in a Box. Now excuse me while I go apply for another JOB!!!



  1. ACK!! Tiny party!!!!!!

  2. Went to Michael’s yesterday to check it all out…omg, so so so cute. I’m a little peeved that you can’t use the 40% off coupons on any of it though. Hrumph.

  3. This is a comment way after the fact – I did in fact apply for a job after that post – and got the job 2 weeks later! lol. My job also happens to be in a shopping center WITH a Michaels.

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