New Love

April 27, 2007

Hi! Jodi here. In case you haven’t noticed, we Oberg’s (the sista’s maiden name), are VERY passionate about the things we love. I have a new love. Crochet. Last night was my first class of four sessions at Shuttles Spindles and Skeins. It was 2.5 hrs – and I loved every minute of it. First off, we got to pick our yarn from a bunch of skeins on the table. Laying there was my favorite periwinkle in Saucy COTTON – and a G hook in green (g g green). Now, when learning to knit you don’t use cotton because it has no give to it. But the ply of this cotton makes it ideal to learn crochet – because it doesn’t easilly split.

Margaret Tullis – my instructor is absolutely fabulous. Her babysitter taught her how to crochet and tat nearly 50 years ago. This woman knows her stuff. She’s quite honestly a textile historian of sorts – knows all kinds of info about origins, different countries traditions etc. She’s amazing.

Luckilly, all 7 of us were already knitters so we had some base knowledge to go on – made jumping in quite enjoyable. You know how you cursed your first time knitting – felt like you had fumbling fingers and all? That just didn’t happen with this. I took to it like a fish to water. It was great. I love the cotton, love how it looks, and you can cover a lot of ground rather quickly. Very fun.


I originally took this class to perfect my beaded sock making skilz. This is going to be so much more than that! Did you know crochet was outlawed in Germany for a while?



  1. Cool! next time we’re out there you’ll have to show me how….I do have a CD to learn from but I’ve never taken time away from my knitting/spinning to look at it. 😉

  2. Dear Jodi: everyone needs a good passion for something!! I like to think it as an ‘enthusiasm’!! Thanks for the lovely comment about my sock pattern and I like your style: having your sister knit them for you!!! Nice crocheting, I like crocheting, I’m making one of those ripple rugs that are all the go.
    PS Green crochet hook?? Lucky duck!!

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