Heroes Geek

April 24, 2007

Hey! I was going to post about Heroes too! Well – this is a spoiler alert – if you haven’t seen last night’s show. Wow – it was fabulous. I’m not sure how Petrelli and Linderman got from the kitchen to his suite, but we did learn a lot this episode. Linderman tells us how people with abilities (imagine Justice League) used to save people – one by one. But then some started using their powers for their own gain. So, now we know there’s an older generation of power-holders. Linderman’s is HEALING which is just cool. Of course the trailers led us to believe Peter really does die – but we all knew he wouldn’t. I’m personally glad he finally got a shower – though I wish he’d shaved too. The ending was absolutely killer – as in how could the producers leave me hanging like this??? What fun.

If you’ve never seen Heroes, don’t start in the middle. Wait until it’s on video – or you can watch them online like Julie said. It’s fabulous (though gory at times).


One comment

  1. OK, I didn’t take your advice last night, especially since you hadn’t written it yet, but I watched Heroes for the FIRST time last night since you were so psyched about it!

    Can I tell you that I loved it? You now have a new addict to add to your group!

    PS. Chris loved it too. Always a plus when we like the same shows!

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