Star Struck – Ace of Cakes

April 24, 2007

I must say. Living in Denver is fabulous. This morning I received an email from The Seasoned Chef Cooking School that the Food Network was filming three Food Network Challenges here. TODAY was a challenge called EXTREME CAKES. I won’t spoil any of it for you – except to say that the folks from Charm City Cakes were there as the judges. Duff, Geof and Mary Alice. Wheeeeee! I was so excited that I was going to pull Alexander out of school and go down there – but he didn’t quite like my spontaneity. Instead we ended up going after school – drove through rain and snow, and got there about 4:30. We were there until 9pm!!! We LURVE Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. These guys know how to have fun and make some really great cakes. Duff is the star baker – but Geof and Mary Alice are CRUCIAL to his success.

Anyway – it was a blast meeting them!!!


There’s Geof in the white. He’s a bit shy – but man does he do some GREAT work. Seems like a really nice guy.



  1. Wow, VERY IMPRESSIVE! I looove Cake Challenges, and especially the cakes!

  2. Woo! I taped AoC last night but we haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet. 😀

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