It’s back!

April 23, 2007

I’m so stinkin’ psyched that Heroes is back tonight!

Of course I can’t watch it until tomorrow, because I watch online due to the DVR scheduling conflict (24). But I’m so stoked just the same! And speaking of, isn’t the Internet fabulous? It’s so nice to seldom have to worry about missing a TV show. Not that I let it rule my life, but there are a few that I rally enjoy, and it would be a bummer to miss them. But they’re all available online…woo hoo!

I’ve read that Friday Night Lights is excellent also — I’ve considered starting to watch it online, but I’m a little afraid of getting sucked in. Maybe during the summer when there’s nothing else on…except our guilty pleasure…. 😉


One comment

  1. Um, I’ve seen little snippets of Friday Night Lights. Are these supposed to be High Schoolers? If so, I’d stay far away. Lots of sox and messed up relationships. It made me ill.

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