you learn something new every day…

April 17, 2007

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Jodi!

  1. Jodi can’t sweat!
  2. 68 percent of all UFO sightings are by Jodi!
  3. Donald Duck’s middle name is Jodi!
  4. Jodi cannot jump!
  5. Jodi is actually a vegetable, not a fruit!
  6. Birds do not sleep in Jodi, though they may rest in her from time to time!
  7. Olive oil was used for washing Jodi in the ancient Mediterranean world.
  8. Jodi is the world’s smallest mammal.
  9. Fifty-two percent of Americans drink Jodi!
  10. Jodi was banned from Finland because of not wearing pants.


  1. Pretty impressive. Wish my name was Jodi. LOL

  2. Jodi doesn’t quite get it.

  3. Click on the “top ten things…” It’s fun! 😉

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