Slow Cooker Jambalaya

April 12, 2007

Yesterday was unbelievably depressing.

I awoke to clumps of slush falling from the sky. Thirty degree temps. My 3yo argued with me that it was SPRINGTIME and she didn’t want to wear her winter coat or hat. Who could blame her??

So, I pulled out the slow cooker. After consulting AllRecipes (of course) I threw in the following:

three frozen chicken breasts
about a cup of chicken stock ( a big swig)
about 3T of Poultry Magic (cajun seasoning) and 2T of creole seasoning
3 minced garlic cloves
one chopped onion
two ribs of celery, chopped
one quart jar of tomatoes, chopped
one green pepper, coarsely chopped
one fresh jalapeno, finely chopped
about a cup and a half of diced smoked sausage
a bit of garlic powder and a dash of cayenne
a cube of tomato paste

I cranked it up to high (it was already almost 1 p.m.) and checked on it every hour or so. Around 5:30, I noted that it was very liquid-ey and so I added a big scoop of rice. So instead of chicken creole, it became jambalaya. (And it came out remarkably similar to the jambalaya I make on the stovetop. Yay!)

It was ready to eat by 6:15…and no (sigh), my kids will not eat this. It did turn out very spicy (which we love) so if you try this at home, and you’re not a fan of the heat, ease up on the seasoning/jalapenos.


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