Beaded Socks

April 9, 2007


My new obsession is beaded socks. The two on the right above were ones I purchased from ebay sellers. Then I decided to try my hand at crocheting these tri-bead beauties. My first attempt was with white beads on a colored sock – turned out okay. The lower left sock was my second attempt. I love the color combination that I gleaned from a bag of Walmart beads. Then my 5yo dd needed red white and blue for a new outfit – so I made those next. I adapted this pattern. Each of my socks has about 70 beads – that you string on beforehand. I’ve also used fray check on the ends instead of weaving in the ends.

As far as sources for beads. You’ll find some at Walmart and Hobby Lobby – but for more color variety, this site has great selection while this one has not quite as many colors, but they are less expensive.



  1. cute!!!

  2. I love them! Now who made these? Julie, or her sister? LOL I’m confused – someone clue me in!

  3. Carrie, the wacko thing about this template is that it doesn’t show author names at the end of posts (ugh!) …so I added the “Julie” and “Jodi” tags so you could tell who wrote what. 😉

  4. Thanks Carrie! Aren’t they fun?

  5. Okay, thanks girls! I get it now. (just a little slow here, don’t mind me!)

    I actually think that your socks are better than the ebay ones!

  6. Question is, once I get fast enough, how much should I sell them for? And. . . should I use a higher quality sock? For example, a Circo sock is about 65 cents/pr while a nicer gold toe sock is 1.66/pr. What to do?

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