Ricki Arno’s Butter Cookies

April 9, 2007


I’ve always had a love affair with cookies. Homemade, store bought, big, little, creme filled, dotted with chips – love ’em all. Martha ratcheted up my love by enticing me with those big copper cookie cutter cookies – and the royal icing – ah. . . who can resist. This Victoria magazine cover displayed the most beautiful cookies I’d ever seen. So, of course, I had to call the maker of the cookies at her shop in New York and ask her how they were made! She was fabulous and told me the trick was in mixing your gel food coloring with alcohol – like Vodka (I used Ouzo my first time). I’ll post my pics and recipe soon. . .



  1. And YOU my friend, make the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen!!! Someday, I will get to eat them again . . . yum!

  2. How funny that I should come across this. It’s what I’m writing about today and I have the same magazine. I was curious about whether Ricki Arno was still around, so did a Google search and ended up here. How great that you called the shop owner! I’ll look through your blog to find your cookies before I continue with my post today, because I can’t wait to see them.

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